How To Get To The Nut's House

5024 N Private Road 1215 E Loogootee, IN 47553

Latitude: 38.730868
Longitude: -86.939911
Bill lives on Boggs Lake just outside of Loogootee, IN. 


There is no great way to get to Bill's dome home, if you can't use the maps and information above here is the easiest way.  First step is to get to Loogootee, IN. I will leave that part up to you. 

Once you have gotten to Loogootee, IN you need to get on 231. 231 goes north south through Loogootee, IN. Next you need to turn off 231 onto Butcher Blvd. (Vincennes St.) or county rd. 150 heading west. There is a flashing light at the intersection of Butcher Blvd. and 231.

You follow Butcher Blvd. (Vincennes St.) all the way to County Rd. 1200. There aren't any signs for County Rd. 1200, but Butcher Blvd. (Vincennes St.) or County Rd. 150 dead ends into County Rd. 1200 or as we like to call it St. Mary's Rd. 

You take a right onto St. Mary's Rd. (County Rd. 1200) and head north. You will pass St. Mary's Church and go over Boggs Lake. Once you go over boggs lake the first road to your right is the road you want to turn right on. At this point you should see the dome home. 

If you get lost, sorry. But just stop somewhere or go back to Loogootee and ask for directions to the Nut's dome home out on Boggs lake. 

P.S. Bill's Dome Home doesn't except, cash, check, american express or visa. If you want to show your gratitude to Bill just bring him a 6-pack of the cheapest beer you can find. If you stop in Loogootee, CVS usually has Natural Light on sale.

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