About The Nut
Bill Larkin was born in Loogootee, IN in July of 1944.  He lived in Loogootee, IN until he turned 11 then he moved to Olney Illinois.  In 1966 he moved to Washington, IN.  In 1996, Bill moved into the dome home where he lives now.  In April of 2003 he retired and that’s when the crazy really began. 
To keep busy in retirement, he started growing flowers, and every year added more and more.  At one point he had over 20,000 impatiens and a few hundred bird houses, yard statues and painted rocks.  But the summers became hot and dry and watering 20,000 flowers 7 hours a day became too much work.  So he did the next logical thing, he decided the replace all the flowers with thousands of brightly painted bird houses, yard statues and painted rocks.  After all they didn’t need water. 
Many people wonder why Bill takes the landscaping to the extreme, but there is no specific reason for it.
The best explanation is that Bill likes working outside and he has nothing better to do. If you visit Bill's house just bring a 6 pack of the cheapest beer you can buy and he will appreciate it!
Need to contact the nut call: (812) 709-9944
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